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Low Maintenance Landscape


Beautiful landscaping adds much value to your home, boosting curb appeal and improving quality of life at home. But while a lush and colorful garden is a source of joy for any homeowner, maintaining it can claim a lot of your free time. Opting for a low maintenance landscaping will let you have the yard of your dreams while giving you time to really enjoy it.

You Need a Plan

Low maintenance, however, does not mean it is simple to achieve. A low maintenance landscape requires thoughtful planning and installation.  It is not something that comes haphazardly.

Often, enthusiastic homeowners make the mistake of cobbling their yard together with no definite planning. This results in landscaping that is more difficult to maintain than what the homeowner has signed up for. The best solution to this dilemma is to hire a professional landscape designer to plan out your low maintenance garden.  

When designing a low maintenance landscape, HFplus Landscape Design specializes in creating a complete visual package that not only works with your home’s aesthetic but also considers your surrounding biomes resulting in landscaping that is beautiful yet easy to maintain.

Three Things We Consider When Designing A Low Maintenance Garden

Here are three important items we look at when designing a low maintenance scheme for your garden:

   1.   What do you have to work with?

It helps to have an inventory of existing features in your garden - fences, shrubbery, structures and paved surfaces, particularly noting which you wish to keep, and which you want to do away with.  We also make note of any problem areas. Knowing these will guide us in mapping out a garden that will address any issues.

    2.  What is it exactly that you want? This is closely linked with the question - What change do you want to happen?

What low maintenance mean to one person is different than what it means to the next.  As an example, does it mean you do not want to add any additional water over that provided by rain? Or does it mean low irrigation demands?  Or does it mean you do not want to have to prune or deadhead?  

Further, do you want/like color?  Do you want a more desert-like look, or do you want low maintenance, but a greener look?  All is possible if we know from the outset what your desires and expectations are.

     3.  How do you plan to use the newly designed outdoor space?

An important consideration is what you plan to use your yard for and what activities you want to do in it. Are you using it for outdoor entertaining, the kids’ activity area or as a vegetable or flowering garden?

Having these guidelines will lay the blueprint for what structures, plants, ground-covering, and systems we design into your garden plan - all with the aim of reducing time (and money) spent on watering, weeding, trimming, painting and mowing.


Low Maintenance Landscape

Outdoor Living Spaces

Expanding your living space to the outdoors means not only having more space to relax and entertain in,  it can also mean less work in garden maintenance. Think of less grassy areas to maintain when you have a hardscape patio with an area for a grill, dining table or a fire pit.  Another beautiful addition that is equally low maintenance is a deck. It not only adds much value to your home, the space it takes up means less yard to maintain.

Hardscape Surfaces

As mentioned above, hardscape surfaces minimizes difficult to maintain grassy areas.  It is important to remember when putting in hardscape surfaces to also having a strong foundation to prevent weeds and keep your patio level. This avoids fix ups later and this makes them low maintenance for a long time.

Mulch and Crushed Stones

Consider putting in mulch instead of grass. This is a low maintenance option because you don’t need to water it nor spend weekends mowing. Besides, it prevents weeds from growing and breaks down to fertilize your plants.  And you need only to replace it once a year in the spring, making it low maintenance and less expensive.

Alternately, you could opt for crushed stones for your beds. This gives your landscape a neat appearance. What makes them low maintenance? Unless you get tired of them, you never have to replace them.

Perennials and Other Low Maintenance Plants

Perennials are great choices for a low maintenance garden. They save up on time because flowering shrubs or perennials grow back each year as opposed to annuals that only last one season.  Additionally, pick plants that are best suited for the soil, sun and climate of your area. You expend less effort in making them thrive because these plants are already in their natural habitat.

If you love the color that flowers add to your garden, choose ones that are easy to care for and bloom for an entire season. Some good examples are Black-Eyed Susans for the summer or Montauk daisies in the fall.

Water-Saving Automatic Irrigation Systems

A low maintenance solution to landscape problems usually includes an automatic irrigation system for watering the lawn and garden.

If you are interested in a low maintenance garden that is also water efficient, HFplus Landscape offers a distinct advantage. We employ 2 technologies that are unique and are available nowhere else.

These are:

   1.   Soil Amendment - We employ a soil amendment substance that absorbs irrigation water and act as a water reservoir in your plants’ root zone.  The results are faster water penetration, less runoff, stronger plants, sod, and roots, 25-50% water savings and 25% fertilizer savings. And this lasts for 15 years.

   2.   Moisture-Sensing Drip Irrigation. This technology uses a sensing system that detects when soil needs more moisture and has the ability to deliver water on demand and only to areas that need it.

If you want to learn more about these unique water technologies or ask about designing low maintenance landscaping for your home, call us today at 909 658 5674. One of our landscape design specialists will be happy to assist you with your needs.  

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Low Maintenance Landscape
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