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Whether it's an individual retail location, an office building or business park, the first impression your location makes is important.

Let us show you how you can beautify your outdoor surroundings, reflecting business success, while saving you water, and keeping you green and environmentally friendly, all with AVAGreen™

Beautiful Landscaping Offering Unique Water-Saving Technologies

Available Nowhere Else 

AVAGreen™ Advantages:

Biodegradable, organic hard foam flakes - the perfect universal soil amendment!

  • Saves 30% to 50% water
  • Saves 25% fertilizer
  • Holds 60% of its volume in water, 40% in air
  • Increases drainage and aeration in clay soil
  • Greatly improves water retention in sandy soil
  • Promotes root growth, branching, and flower growth
  • Biodegradable yet long lasting, up to 15 years.
  • Greatly reduces fungus problems
  • Has a low pH level, similar to peat moss
  • Reduces salinity

In addition to sod, it’s great for shrubs, trees, flower beds, turf, and palm trees!We offer 2 unique technologies that will allow you to have the landscaping of your dreams; grass, flowers, trees, etc., and reduce your water consumption by 25-50%.  You  can have a lush beautiful landscape and still measurably reduce water 

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Beautiful Landscaping Offering Unique Water-Saving Technologies

Available Nowhere Else 

Grasses on sports fields take moderate to severe abuse and then come back for more.   

In addition,  large grass areas traditionally require huge amounts of water to maintain an even and playable surface.   

Let us show you how your field can be the best it has ever been, while using less water with AVAGreen™ 

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Growing large grass areas for golf courses requires an extensive knowledge of turf grasses along with an expert understanding of maintenance turf practices to provide an optimum playing surface.   

Let us show you how you can benefit from our unique
AVAGreen™ liqud foam soil amendment.

Golf Courses

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